My name is Sarah, and this is what I look like when I’m all glammed up and perfectly styled.

Most of the time, however, I look a little bit different than this. Sadly, I don’t often leave my house in a bedazzled evening gown. I tend to go for leggings, Uggs, and comfy sweaters instead. My hair is usually hanging in a haphazard ponytail, and my daily makeup routine stops at moisturizer.

I’m a student, a research consultant, a Zumba addict and recently minted instructor, a beginning runner, a lover of yoga, a fitness

fashionista, a beauty-product junkie, and a voracious reader. I am a resident of Westchester County and enjoy experiencing the best of both worlds offered here–suburban living just a quick train ride away from the hustle & bustle of Manhattan.

I’ve created Sweatsational as a way to share my passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle choices with you. Achieving good health is a continual process, with many (MANY!) lessons learned along the way. I’d love to help make your fitness journey easier by sharing my experiences with you, and I’m hoping to learn from you as well by interacting in the comments on this blog or via twitter! (@sweatsational)

I am not a dietician, personal trainer, or medical professional. For that reason, please consult your personal “fitness team” members (as I like to refer to them as!) before making an changes to your current fitness and healthcare routine. What works for me might not work for you, and I want to make sure we all are physically and mentally able to reach our fullest potential together!


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