O2 MAX Accelerator Program – Day 10!

Well, Sweathearts…

I made it! Today marks day 10 of my O2 MAX Accelerator program. In other words, the last day! I’ve had a lot of fun testing out the program, and sharing it here with you. While 10 days seems like such a short amount of time on paper, in reality, it seemed like a pretty long almost week-and-a-half. One thing I wondered when starting the plan was “Will ten days really have an impact on my body?” The answer is yes…and not just on my body, but on my mind as well!

I didn’t lose any weight following the program, but I didn’t gain any weight either. As I’ve become more interested in fitness, I’ve lost interest in the numbers on a scale. Instead, I focus on how my body feels. Do I feel stronger? Absolutely! I’m able to push through more squats, crunches, and pushups than I could ten days ago. I also can see some added definition in my arms, abs, and legs. Nothing dramatic, of course. But it’s there, and getting me closer to my ideal summer swimsuit body!

The diet plan included in the program was also helpful for me. Admittedly, I didn’t always stick to it. But I’ve made some healthier than normal choices over the past ten days (cutting out a lot of processed foods, eating more fruits and veggies, and drinking lots of water) that will hopefully become normal habits for me as I continue to stick with them.

Most importantly, I’ve gotten into a groove of really looking forward to my daily exercise time. It’s “me” time, that I truly enjoy. It feels so good to dedicate time and effort into becoming the best Sarah that I can be.

Thank you, O2 MAX, for the chance to test out this program! Sweathearts, have you tried any similar programs in the past?



Hello Sweathearts,

I have to admit. My heart feels pretty darn heavy tonight. I’m sure that by now, most of you have heard about the terror attack that occurred at the Boston Marathon today. While all of the details aren’t clear yet (a few hours ago, it wasn’t even being referred to as a terror attack, just ‘explosions’) what is clear is the fact that at least three people have lost their lives, while countless others have been injured.

As I followed the news via the radio and twitter as I headed to class this afternoon, I couldn’t help but think about the hours of training that the runners put in to make it to Boston. The cheers of their friends and families as they worked towards accomplishing their goals. The energy of the volunteers ensuring that every detail of the event went off as planned. Until the details began to unravel, starting with one unexpected blast.

As I completed my workouts tonight, Boston remained on my mind. I may not know all of the details yet, but I do know that for now, I will keep the city, the runners, the fans, the family members, the first responders, the volunteers, and everyone else affected by today in my thoughts and prayers.

O2 MAX Accelerator Program – Day 6

Wow, Sweathearts!

Boy, did I let y’all down with my daily updates.

My apologies. It has been a crazy busy few days for me! I’m definitely a wee bit overwhelmed with schoolwork. Add in some fun events with friends this weekend and you get a neglectful blogger. The good news is, I’m back to finish this series strong! The great news is, the O2 MAX Accelerator program is so easy to follow that I was still able to squeeze in some short workouts each day.

With the Accelerator program, a ten day plan is sent to you ahead of time. It’s a PDF file, so you can print and follow along that way, or check out the workouts from your phone. The fact that I could look up my daily workout on my iPhone on-the-go this weekend made it so much easier to stay committed! The workouts are also short and sweet: 6 moves per day.

This weekend was definitely a challenge. I ended up doing my workouts very late at night, in my pajamas, ready to hop into bed as soon as I finished. I didn’t stick to my diet perfectly, as time with my girlfriends inevitably includes cupcakes, cookies, and other treats. But…that’s okay. So often, we beat ourselves up when we deviate from our fitness plans. But it happens! This weekend, I reminded myself that even a minimal workout is better than no workout. The lemon bar I ate? Well, I also walked the streets of NYC and ran through subway stations for cardio. Balance is important, and I’m ready to get back on track with my usual workouts this week…and ready to share them with you here!

How were your weekend workouts?


O2 MAX Accelerator Program – Day 2

Hi, Sweathearts!

That lovely spring weather I mentioned yesterday? Well, today it was interrupted by a not-so-lovely torrential downpour this evening. I’m not a huge fan of such heavy rain, but I will admit that the accompanying thunderstorm was pretty amazing to watch. Weather aside, I had a pretty great day fitness wise. I took an incredible yoga class at Hastings Yoga, then headed home to tackle day 2 of my O2 MAX Accelerator Program.

ImageDay 2…yoga style!

One reason I’m loving the Accelerator Program already is the fact that you workout your entire body via six easy moves each day. Today, the moves focused on legs (2 exercises), chest, shoulders, lower back, and abs. I know that a lot of people swear by workouts where they focus on a different body part each day, and I know how effective that method is. But I love to switch it up for two reasons. First, I get bored if I don’t! Second, I like targeting multiple body parts at one time because it makes the pain a bit easier to bear the next day…rather than wanting someone to carry me around all day because I did one too many leg exercises!

As always, that is just my two cents! How do you like to plan your workouts? Would you rather target one area per day, or get a full body workout in?

O2 MAX Accelerator – Day 1

Hello, Sweathearts!

Well, the weather in the greater NYC area is finally beginning to show signs of spring! For me, it’s about time. I’m so tired of lugging my down jacket around with me, never knowing when the air is going to take a turn towards the too-chilly.

With spring comes so much fitness fun: outdoor runs, anyone? Yes, I know you can run outdoors in the winter—but isn’t there something awesome about taking on a trail in the spring, when flowers are beginning to bloom and it isn’t swelteringly hot yet? I’ve also used the beginning of spring as an excuse to refresh my workout routine. I’ve recently tried some fabulous classes at Hastings Yoga and Soul Cycle Scarsdale. They’ve both challenged me in different ways, and I’ll be reviewing both studios soon here on my blog.

Today, I’m refreshing my workout routine in a new way by kicking off a 10-day Accelerator Program with O2MAX Fitness. I recently completed their 3-month Event Ready Program (I talked about it on my previous personal blog, linked here) and I absolutely loved it. Their program is easy to follow at home, and fits well with my busy schedule. Karen Jashinsky, the founder of O2MAX invited me to try out this accelerator program for free, so I couldn’t resist. For the next ten days, I’ll be posting a brief update regarding my daily workout here. This will give me a way to stay accountable and check my progress, and will give you an introduction to O2MAX. I hope you enjoy this mini series!


Here’s my Day 1 picture!

Today’s workout included one of my favorite moves — bicycle crunches! What are some of your favorite fitness moves?

Working Out in Westchester: Spring Into Action & Fashion

Hello, Sweatsational readers!

I hope that your weeks are off to a great start! I’m currently on spring break, and enjoying having some extra free time. Today, I’m here to introduce a new blog series — Working Out in Westchester. I’ll be using these posts to highlight events and fitness studios in Westchester County, NY. I’m constantly amazed at all that Westchester has to offer, but with so many choices, decision making can be overwhelming! Hopefully, this series will serve as a way of highlighting some of the best fitness opportunities that Westchester boasts.

This weekend, you’ll have the chance to get fit and support a great cause at Spring Into Action and Fashion!

WHO: Operation PROM and O2MAX Fitness are partnering to host this fabulous event for high school and college students.

WHAT: An afternoon dedicated to learning the latest makeup tricks for prom, sharing tips for healthy living, fitness tips designed to fit the busy life of a student, and (my personal favorite part of the day!)…ZUMBA!

WHERE: Sarah Lawrence College (Campbell Athletic Center) in Bronxville, NY

WHEN: Saturday, March 30th from 1PM to 4PM

WHY: To provide students with the tools they need to look and feel their best, while supporting one of Westchester’s finest charity organizations, Operation PROM. Operation PROM provides dresses and tuxedos, among other support, to students in need in Westchester and beyond (they’ll be accepting dress donations at this event!). This year, Operation PROM is also raising funds to pay for students affected by Hurricane Sandy to have a prom.

This event is FREE for anyone going to prom! If you aren’t attending prom this year, tickets are available for $15 (includes gift bag and raffle tickets) and $30 (includes gift bag, raffle tickets, and a month of O2 MAX’s Fitness program)

One other bonus of this event…I’ll be hosting it! I would love to see you there. For more event details, click HERE.